adventures in Thailand

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Today is the move from historic Cooper Inn to my dog/cat sitting assignment. After five nights there will return to Cooper Inn on Easter Sunday. Have really enjoyed my stay here–Beverly, my friend and owner of Cooper Inn, has two very nice and interesting roommates. One is a writer who used to work at CBS radio news and is writing her memoir. The other is a gifted musican (and retired Baltimore police sgt. detective) about my age whose music I have admired for years.

The dog/cat sitting is at the Main House where I spent 8 days recuperating in their guest house. It’s a beautiful property with gorgeous gardens, lots of blooming daffodils and lovely mountain views. Plus a gurgling stream that empties into Cooper Lake, a reservoir for Kingston’s drinking water. I feel so blessed to spend time there. The pets include a well-behaved white labradoodle, Ella, and two long-haired, sister cats, Sabina and Trixie.

My regime of taking a nap everyday and doing only one activity¬† a day continues. Yesterday my activity was Cory’s wonderful yoga class. Then Cory invited me over to her house to spend time with her adorable 19-month-old daughter and have delicious homemade soup for lunch.

The current blogs have nothing about new places and adventures. But there is a cultural event about which to write. On Saturday night Beverly and I went to the Hudson Valley Philharmonic’s concert in Kingston which featured the 40th anniversary celebration of Vanaver Caravan, a local dance troupe that has toured worldwide. The dance company did two pieces which were enjoyable but the second half Prokofiev’s “Alexander Nevsky” with huge chorus was my favorite. Beverly’s cousin, Sue, has played second horn in the HVP for years and got us discounted tickets. Small world department: Prior to meeting Beverly several years ago, I already knew Sue from the music workshop in Vermont that she and I used to attend.

Final bit of culture is my hope to see an Italian film at Upstate/Woodstock this week. Will let you know how it is/was.